Our Business

TDK is a comprehensive electronic components manufacturer leading the world in magnetic technology.

TDK began its trajectory by producing the world's first ferrite cores using a magnetic material called ferrite, and the company is now a large manufacturer of components.
Ferrite is a material with many advantageous properties.
Modern TDK commands a wide range of technologies that make daily life more convenient and pleasant. Our products serve a myriad of applications—they provide critical functionality in smartphones, personal computers, electrical appliances, industrial equipment, and automobiles.
TDK components are vital for progress in many areas.
Meanwhile, the power of magnetics continues to inform our global leadership role.

The role played by TDK components —
Unseen enablers of functionality taken for granted.

Many products that surround our daily lives rely extensively on TDK's wide palette of electronic components. But because these are used internally, they remain mostly unseen by consumers.
If your electronic devices operate as designed and make your day more enjoyable, that means that the components in them are functioning properly.
But without these electronic components, many things that we take for granted these days might never have come about.

ICTEver faster, ever stronger.
The connected society is moving ahead.

Building convenient and fast communication environments.

Smartphones have become society’s mobile computers of choice, allowing people around the globe to be more productive and connected. These sophisticated information tools form a social infrastructure that enhances the relationships of people no matter where they are— in homes,
cars, and factories. This trend is further boosted by the advent of ultra-high speed, large-capacity communication standards such as 4G, LTE, and 5G.
TDK products play an important role in the realization of these new network technologies. Our wide variety of electronic components and modules make full use of advanced core technologies and dramatically expand the possibilities of the smartphone as we move toward the implementation of 5G in 2020.

AutomotiveSupporting the safe and environment-friendly "connected car".

The world of car electronics keeps climbing to new levels of safety, comfort, and environmental compatibility. Limiting the volume of exhaust gas from automobiles is the key to solving the serious problem of carbon dioxide emissions.
This necessitates the rapid development and introduction of new vehicle configurations known collectively as xEV (HEV/PHEV/BEV). In addition, the "connected car" that is constantly linked to the internet, will enable the realization of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving to further improve safety, accuracy and comfort. TDK provides a wide range of electronic components and devices that support the electrification of automobiles. TDK’s outstanding reliability meets the severe demands of the automotive environment while reducing environmental impact.

Industrial & EnergyToward a thoroughly energy-conscious society, TDK contributes to the utilization of renewable energies.

TDK supports the active utilization of renewable energy as society becomes more energy-conscious.
Especially in Europe, the use of renewable energy to reduce environmental impact is progressing, and large scale offshore wind farms have recently become a trend.
TDK supplies power film capacitors and large neodymium magnets that boost the efficiency of wind power generation.

Supporting higher efficiency in transportation infrastructures.

Rail-based transportation is currently being reappraised worldwide for its energy efficiency and low carbon emissions. As with all transportation modes, railways require high levels of infrastructure reliability and safety. TDK’s products meet these needs with rugged, high-efficiency converters, power modules, and similar products that meet the specification requirements of various countries.

Boosting the progress of industrial robots.

The use of robots in all areas of industry, including manufacturing and services, has increased dramatically over the last several years. TDK will continue to play an important role in increasing robot adoption by boosting the efficiency and accuracy of robots. TDK supplies magnets for electric motors and different types of sensors that make these robots smarter while reducing energy consumption.

TDK makes the amazing commonplace.

TDK products play a role in everyday life as well as in society at large. At this very moment, they make possible many advanced functions and convenient features in mobile devices that people around the world have come to take for granted.